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Certified Criollo Grass Fed Beef
Criollo Grassfed Beef
Our all-natural grass fed Criollo beef is unbelievably tender with a mouth watering aroma and robust taste. Treat your family to this delicious healthy beef today!
Great Hunting and Shooting Stories from Dale and Janice Price
Windmill Animal Hospital - Where Family Pets Find Loving Care
Dr. Price's Windmill Animal Hospital is Abilene's Premier Provider of Veterinary Care for your family's pets!

AKC Champion German Shorthairs
Jandal German Shorthaired Pointers
We have been actively hunting and showing top-quality German Shorthaired Pointers since 1980. Puppies available occassionaly. Meet and Read about our "GSP's"!
Criollo Cattle make the best Grassfed Beef
Jandal Criollo Cattle - Grass Fed Beef at its Best!
Jandal Criollos supplies Registered Criollo seedstock to produce the world's best beef - Certified Criollo Grass Fed Beef!

Quailty Tifton Hay from the Jandal Ranch
Raound Bales of Tifton Hay at the Jandal Ranch
We grow top-quality Tifton/B-Dahl Bluestem/Klein hay. Available on a limited basis, this smorgasbord is treasured by all of our horses and cows! Order now!
AKC Champion Norwegian Elkhounds
Jandal Norwegian Elkhounds
We showed and bred top-quality Norwegian Elkhounds from 1980 thru 2015. We are no longer breeding Norwegian Elkhound puppies. Meet and read about our Elkhounds!

Read about Dale and Janice Price, owners of the Jandal Ranch

Read about Dale and Janice Price's Jandal Ranch in Winters, Texas

Great Hunting and Shooting Stories from Dale and Janice Price
ELk Hnting Stories from Janice and Dale Price
Read about Dale and Janice's hunting adventures throughout the years. These stories are very entertaining, and as with all good hunting stories, most of it is true!
Contact Dale and Janice Price of the Jandal Ranch

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